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  • Contractual governance and the choice of dispute resolution-mechanisms: evidence on technology licensing, in Research Policy, with V. Duplat and R. Coeurderoy, 2018, 47, 1096-1110

  • Partner type diversity in alliance portfolios: multiple dimensions, boundary conditions and firm innovation performance, in Journal of Management Studies, with B. Lokshin and A-K. Zobel, 2018, 55, 809-836

  • Alliances and the innovation performance of corporate and public research spin-off firms, in Small Business Economics, with B. Lokshin and S. Malo, 2018, 50, pp. 763-781

  • Formal and informal appropiation mechanisms: the role of openness and innovativeness, in Technovation, with A-K. Zobel and B. Lokshin, 2017, 59, pp. 44-54

  • In country we trust?: National trust and the governance of international R&D alliances, in Journal of International Business Studies, with S-W. Kwon and J. Haleblian, 2016, 47, pp. 807-829

  • Learning horizon and optimal alliance formation, in Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, with H. Frankort and W. Letterie, 2016, 22, pp. 212-236

  • The role of contracts and intellectual property  rights in open innovation, in Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, with A-K. Zobel, 2015, 27, pp. 1050-1067

  • The lag structure of the relationship between patenting and internal R&D revisited, in Research Policy, with N. Wang, 2014, 43, pp. 1275-1285